Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cell Phone Sales

My business has really taken of. I keep getting many one-off sales, and then I get the 5+ phone orders. I always look at the bills and wonder how in the world I can pay them, but then I get a phone call out o the blue ordering 8 phones. It's pretty cool. I made a generic craigslist ad for a phone and I have been getting many emails about it. Today, someone called me on it, I met him and sold him a phone in a gas station parking lot. he then informs me he likes the phone so much, he wants to get them for his salesmen! Not sure how it will turn out, but so far all my big orders have followed though.

I have hired a data entry person, and a designer for various projects that have come my way. Last year, i never would have guessed I have more work, than I have time. I am really happy about what I have accomplished in this past year. All my businesses are doing well for themselves. Each one is enough to keep me busy. All Together, I need to hire help. Crazy.

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