Sunday, December 27, 2009

People Piss Me Off

I'm not sure who upset me more, employees who lead to expensive mistakes, or customers who are pains in the ass.

I think the customers who are pains in the ass.

Please note: customers that annoying on the front end of the sale, will likely be annoying on the back end of the sale. If the sale ever does start heading south, due to the customers fault, just give the money back (if needed) and walk away.

I had someone who wanted to buy a phone, buy was being a bit overbearing before the sale. I tried to justify it in my mind, and went ahead and ordered him a new phone based on his request. I took a deposit (always get a cash deposit to get them financially involved), and ordered the phone. 2 days ago he picked it up. At that time, he started whining about it not "Being New". I told him he was buying a phone off CraigsList from someone's driveway. The phone works, don't bust my balls about minor flaws. He agrees, pays and leaves.

2 days later (today) he calls up saying the phone works fine, but they want a new one. This guy just pissed me off, and out came my dark side, that would otherwise get me fired. Since I could not remember exactly what I said to him, and I knew he was going to be a jerk, I just told him I would refund it. When he got here, I handed him his money back, took the phone and walked away, all of 3 seconds. I don't think I really needed to say anything else.

Since I prefer to correct future situations when something goes wrong, I made up a small sign that people will see during purchase:

Our Refund Policy: Please Choose Carefully. We don't give refunds if you simply change your mind or make a wrong decision. You can choose between an exchange ot credit where goods are faulty, wrongfully described, different from a sample shown to you or don't do what they are supposed to do.

I have a similar one on my website, because people would be all "oh, I dont like it, it's too thick". Well, too bad. That's why I don't sell on i would spend more money on dumb shit like that,

Here is the thing, while I do belive a customer should have the right to exchange or refund, the reality is that when it cost someone small like me money to aquire the goods on your behalf, refunds and exchanges cost me over $100 each time, and that really adds up fast. that is why no cell phone place will do that kind of thing. It's also why stores like Circut City are not with us anymore. Dumb customers drive businesses out of business.

I took a huge hit earlier this month due to one problem or another. It simply needs to stop. No more nice guy.

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