Friday, October 8, 2010

It's been a while...

It has been a long time since my last post. this comes from being busy, but also junk comments and a complete lack of Google love.

On the personal side, I have been muddling through. Way too many doctor bills for the entire family. This completely eats away at any hard work and profits that I made throuyghout the month,

On the business front, I get trickling sales. Returns have been minimal. i have been trying to post comments to blog posts, but so far little results. I think I need to start writing some full articles, and post them on better websites. I did get someone the other day that ordered 3 phones, and said he would order more if the quality is good. Since the holiday went long for my regular supplier, I went with someone new just to get it out. I have been chatting with her the day after the sale, so I expect everything will be fine.

As for the big customer of last month, after I paid off the worst of my debit, then came the damaged items. He has 46 out of 445 that need repairs for one reason or another. After a few weeks of back and forth debate, I have decided to get a DHL account, ship the phones directly back to china for repairs, then have then sent back. The cost will be about $800. However, my direct customer, a middleman, has another customer, whose first order is around 4000 phones. Yes, 10 times the amount of the other guy. My profit margin is through the roof, and will pay off every debit I have have, a clean slate. They are all waiting so see how I handle this first order. So I do believe that at it's completion, the orders will then start freely flowing.

I fired my receptionist because she was not doing a good job. I hired another woman who was fantastic... then 2 weeks later was in a serious car accident. Her husband emailed me to let me know she had to quit. That sucked, she was awesome.Now, in a rush, I hired 2 other people who I dont think are all that great, but I will give them a chance.

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