Thursday, October 25, 2007

High Yield Savings

Once I started using a savings account with my bank, I realized it was offering me a whopping .15% Wow, way to give back, guys. So, after a quick search on I compared different programs and easily settled on who were, at the time, offering 5.05% While this isn't the most earth shattering interest rate, it's a whole lot better than that paltry .15% Wachovia was offering me. HSBC had a better rate, but I HATE their company with a passion.

Opening the account was annoying, to say the least. Having to prove I was me, to deposit was bad enough, but when I had to prove I was me again to withdraw back to the same account, that was overkill.

However, now that it is said and done, I have a place to put my money, that I have 3-4 day turnaround access to. From what i read, the way they transfer money is old-school, so it's really slow.

Savings Interest Rate changed from .15% to 5.05%

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