Monday, August 4, 2008

2 eBay Accounts

Someone asked this about a month ago. I suck at responding, so I will mention it now. I had an eBay account that was shut down. I started it back up a week later. I did nothing new or fancy, not really. I opened a bank account in my wifes name, and listed the address as my 2nd house (rental property). I attached Paypal to the bank account, and ebay to the paypal account. A few weeks later, paypal wanted some proof I was really selling products. I took some pictures of the merchandise, and sent them some invoices. All was real, but I doubt it would have mattered. They reinstated my account, and I have been selling on there for 6 months now, and still with 65+ 100% positive feedback. The real trick was getting enough feedback to open a store. Once I did that, i stopped listing on auction, and only manage a store. It still draws traffic. Not as much, but it keep a low profile.

Now, I would add that you should change your ip address. For those on cable, you should change your router MAC address, which will force your modem to get a new ip address. Lastly, remove all Flash Cookies as well.

If you old Paypal account is still in good standing, you can use them both freely. I log into both back to back, and send myself money as I test my web store.

PayPal only knows the Account Number and Routing number. They may ask for the name of account owner, but they have no clue who it is, or what address the account is tied to behind the scenes.

Basically, they are not as scary and all powerful as people make them out to be.

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