Monday, August 4, 2008

My Legal Cases

eBay shut down my account then came after several hundred in fees. They sent numerous emails. I ignored them all. At some point, they stopped the emails, but sent a collection agency after me. I followed the advice of this website: and after that, ebay went back to the emails. I haven't heard from that collection agency again, and it's been a few months. According to that site, they can not bother me about it again. So, I guess I won.

Additionally, my wife was fired from her job on day 8. We took the case to the workers compensation and brought it before a judge. The company, while having every right to fire her, cowered under my complete disregard for their less than stunning lawyer. They settled for $1500.00 in back wages, just to make us go away.

Lastly, I had tenants who left my house with approximately $11,000 worth of damage. I am still waiting on the court to coordinate anything. At the very least, I have become a thorn in the tenant's side.

The moral of the story? Don't be a pussy and let people and companies walk all over you. File a motion, and watch them back off.

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