Sunday, May 10, 2009

I have seen the light

Are you ready?

Ready the book: The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferris

The is one of the best I have come across in a very long time. I was told about it 2 years ago, but I thought it was just another self-help book. Boy, was I wrong. It was more in the lines of Life Changing. Seriously.

Based on his advise, I have now outsourced my entire company to India. Seriously. My old assistant emailed me about some nonsense, and I replied: "I have outsourced your old job to India for $2.50 per hour. Have a nice day."

Can you image? It was SO easy. Just go to and sign up. I did that before bed. the next morning, I had 10 offers, the average price was a whopping $2.50 per hour. Crazy.

After some interviewing, I chose a company that went above and beyond the competition. I gave them 10 tasks, with 10 different skill sets, and they assembled a team just for me. this ranges from design, to bookkeeping.

Oh yeah, I should email that worthless bookkeeper and let her know I have outsourced her job too.

I spend about 7-8 hours assembling everything I could possibly think of for them. I emailed it, and now I just sit back, and wait for the work to be completed. I will have an updated website, updated inventory, sales added to PeachTree. And all at $2.50/hr. It does not get any better than that.

Sure, it will cost several hundred to get up and running the way I want it, but then it will be all down hill. The best part? I wont have to do a damn thing.

The basic point of the book, 4-hour workweek is to take yourself completely out of the equation. Once I get them to understand where I get my inventory list from, and they know that they need to check on this bi-weekly, then i will have eliminated a huge amount of time I waste week after week. And at only.... $2.50 an hour.

I can have my life back. Yeah!

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Kyle said...

I just posted my ad on you didn't tell me they needed to keep my $10 for a fucking week and a half those crooks. I expect interest. I'll give them a very simply job and see how I like the results.

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