Thursday, May 21, 2009


I have 2 lawyers on my ass. One is because I refused to pay back tenants their deposit after they broke the lease within 6 months. The other is because I refused to pay the oil company after making payments, I owed them significantly more than what started with because of bullshit late fees and cancellation fees. They can both blow me.

What I learned is this: After my last small claims case, my tenant was ordered to pay me $35 per week for the next 12 years. So, I am not exactly scared. If I loose any case, I will pay the fuckers in pennies. Simply because they pissed me off. However, I may not, you never know.

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Kyle said...

Go ahead and take the total amount lets say 4000 now 52 weeks in a year times by 12 divided by total charge = your monthly payment you should be ok making that payment. Anyways that probably made no sense woooo.. pretty 4:15 am

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