Friday, July 24, 2009


Now we are talking. - The website's marketing front end comes off as total bullshit, and I would never have signed up with them without a referral. But, i gotta tell ya, it makes perfect sense. After I signed up ($1), many people said it works wonders. I have watched many of the tutorial videos, and I am going to pay the VA (Virtual Assistant) people in China to set things up for me. I am hopeful that this will change everything. They are not cheap. However, best money I ever spent was $300 to (If I did not spend it, I would have been dying in this economy) so I expect this to be worth it too. - This company does focused keyword searches. Awesome. Spend some time with these guys, I plan on buying the software. If you read the forums, you will see many satisfied customers. - This website is also complete bullshit, but I think the concept behind it will work. Basically, these guys let you pick from hundreds of e-books. As the site owner, I select the ones thqat match my customers needs. Then, at the end of the sale, offer these to them. Supposedly 30% actually buy. Even If I choose not to use this particular service, the concept is something I am thinking heavily about.

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