Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hired Staff

I have hired a copy writer and 2 designers on an as-needed basis. I am hoping the 2 designers can breath some life into my effective, but admittedly dull, website. Why 2 designers? Because they both have different styles that I felt could blend together into something. Each has their own strengths that I would like to play off of. Since I am a designer myself (then why hire out?!?! Time.) I am not worried about the varying styles creating a mess.

I will also have the designers spend some time on invoices, envelopes, stationary, etc.Because remember, everything you do, is marketing.

In my case tonight, I wrote a letter (with the help of the writer) to a customer who's first order was $12,000, followed by another $2,000 order. So, I wanted to send a thank you letter to him for his business. I realized I did not have stationary, or an envelope to put the letter into. I felt a little generic and disinterested, as I printed them out.

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