Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Become.com was the second to let my items go live (Amazon was the first). I was sent a personal email letting me know that the account was approved, and that I has entered the wrong intomation into a field, so tht it would display my name incorrectly. I was happy that someone took the time to notice, and tell me.

It is now several hours after I went live, and I have noticed a few things.

1. After I made the change, it was not reflected on live site, so everyone continues to see the company name wrong.

2. Someone used a keyword that technically shows my products, but in actuality, has nothing to do with my products. So basically, I am displaying for searches that my products will not work for. I just paid them $.75 for a dead click.

3. They gave me a phone number, that gets dropped into a voicemail / automated phone hell. The calls go nowhere.

4. It says I can change my bidding on a per item basis, but I can only see a category level change.

5. All my products are the same, but the system seems to have recategorized them into different groupings. Not sure why.

6. They say they sent 9 customers to me, but Google Analytics say they only sent 3. Hmm... Even worse, Become says they sent me a visitor since I last refreshed the window, but I am sitting here looking at my website live, and I saw no customer come in. Could they be skimming off the top? I will definitely confirm this, and let you know.

**UPDATE** - Yeah, I just refreshed the window, and it said I have another visitor ($.80) but no one came to the website.

So far, when my $25.00 expires, I will likely not renew. However, they did send 9 visitors in about 6 hours. However, I dominate in the search, as I have little competition. The bottom line seems to be, if they can get me a sale for $25.00, then I make money. If they can't, then it's not worth it.

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