Thursday, March 25, 2010

Another Poor Experience

I clicked on a PPC link I saw somewhere. It was for and I had trouble with using the website. The wbesite is supposed to sell boxes. However, by default, it brings me to the custom page, where box prices jump from $0.34 cents, to over $7.00. So, I clicked on the Live Chat link. Read the poor customer service, and poor employee responsibilities that followed....

Chris: Hello, how can I help?
you: I selected 25 10x6x6 boxes. Your system says they cost $7.00+ each. Hmm... for laughs, I added a printed logo, and the price jumped to $34.00+ each. Now, given that I can buy the same box at for $0.34 cents each, and a stick on a label for another $0.03 cents... who actually buys your products? Clearly, I am missing something....
Chris: Yes, your missing everything.....
Chris: Do we have that size on our "Stock Box" page for the same price as ULINE??
Chris: Probably....
Chris: Do we have the same stock sizes as uline?? Probably not....
Chris: Do we have as many stocks sizes available as ULINE?? No
Chris: Does Uline make CUSTOM BOXES??? NO.
Chris: It clear that your size is a "Stock Box"
Chris: Not a custom box
you: But at a price jump of over $600 for 2 color, clearly, out of my league. I was really just looking for some boxes.
Chris: Yes, do you have any idea how much it cost for printing plates??
you: Worked in printing for 20 years. Yes, I know.
Chris: Great!
you: I thought it would be off a big digital press or something.
Chris: then you should know that flexo printing plates cost in the ballpark of $400-600 PER COLOR
you: Would cost less to buy a big rubber stamp.
you: Yeah, I know.
Chris: that's wjhat flexo plates are, big rubber stamps.
Chris: Rubber molds....
you: Well, I mean literally, a rubber stamp. Cost like $40 or so for a 4x4.
you: So, I assume you customers order large quantities, not 25....
Chris: Yes, you VERY correct on that.
Chris: Most people don't do custom printing on that small of a qty... WE do have the option to do it.
Chris: Clearly, it's going to cost a lot higher then pulling a bundle of "Pre-Made" boxes off the shelf!
you: Even your "bundle of boxes" cost just under $200. That was made me click the help button.
Chris: What??
you: Yeah, even standard 8x8x8 cost $190. Now I feel bad you had to pay for the click to get me onto your site.
Chris: CS-002 4 x 4 x 4 a bundle of 25 boxes cost $4.75??
Chris: are you on the "Custom Page"???
you: Not on the link I am at. says $182.00
Chris: You REALLY neeed to look at our "STOCK BOX" page
you: I dont know, I guess. I just clicked on the PPC link and this is where I went
you: I click home, and it still takes me to the custom page
Chris: we sell 8 x 8 x 8 for $0.36/ea
Chris: DO you see a blue Tab that reads Stock BOXs??
you: that makes sense. You should see what your PPC thing is doing, because it seems to be a waste of mone sending people to take page.
you: Yes, I see it now.
Chris: OK!!!
you: Honestly, as a random customer, I am barely looking at it.
Chris: That's where you need to be looking!
Chris: A random customer should know the difference (if buying boxes) between what "standard" means and what "custom" means....
you: But I didn't realize I needed to make extra steps to get, where the link should have taken me.
you: I added the boxes I wanted, then added my zip code, and all my items disappeared from the cart.
Chris: maybe your should exit the browser then enter again and start over.
you: I think the "enter" key may be mapped to the remove button.... perhaps.
you: yeah, it is
you: when I type in the zip, and hit enter, it clears the cart
Chris: there is a drop down feild underneth the zip code are to choose method of transit it, are you doing that?
you: doesn't matter. point is, your website is in need of some serious redesign. You can upset, assuming that I am an idiot. And that's fine. But, assuming that I am, the site should be redesigned to make a sale from an idiot.
you: I just licked a link, and wanted to buy some boxes.
you: the fact that I am still here, not able to easily, means you are loosing customers.
you: How many others just gave up and went away.
Chris: you would be the 1st.
Chris: We get RAVE's eveyday about how easy our site is.
Chris: to navigate.
Chris: all the options
Chris: We have a stady gowth of 30% every year for the last 4 years.
Chris: We must be doing something right??
you: But... I just went to uline, typed in 8x8x8, the boxes came up, I gave my zip, and I am ready to checkout.... and they cost less.
Chris: Maybe you just need to go to your local UPS store and pull someting off the shelf?
you: Just think of the growth it could be if you listened to the one customer who was the idiot...
Chris: Then why search for a new vendor?
you: I just wanted to look at your boxes from the link I saw on a website.
Chris: OK, now you know who do go through if you need "Custom Boxes". meaning a size that uline doesn't carry, or if you want custom printed logos.
Chris: ULine is great to use if all you need is 25 stock boxes.
Chris: Everyone, everywhere can do that.
Chris: Thank you for your time.
Chris: Have a good day!

This is not about the price of the boxes Chris, this is about your company is paying for a link that goes to page that does not meet the customer needs, then has a serious problem with checking out. Rather than understanding that, and bringing it to a supervisors attention, Chris gets all upset at me. Chris, I am glad you are not on my payroll.

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