Friday, May 28, 2010

Driver Wizard

I work on many different computers. A few times a month, people come to me asking about reinstalling Windows, or neededing to upgrade to Windows 7. This has continually brought with it pain and agony trying to find the most recent Dell driver for a soundcard that just wont work.

I looked for a solution. I came across a program called Driver Wizard. In short, for $30, you install it, it finds all your drivers, and you can go back to your life.

At first it seemed like a silly thing to pay for, since it just finds free stuff for you, but I gotta tell you, the amount of time it saved was well worth it. In my case, I wont ever have to go find random drivers all year (yeah). I was so excited, I went around installing it on all my own computers. It updated driver that I know I would never bother doing on my own.
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