Friday, May 14, 2010

TMobile Even More Plus

After I became completely fed up with AT$T Prepaid Sim charging me $1.00 per day, $0.10 per minute, and charging even more for using my own WiFi router, I went down to T-Mobile and got an Even More Plus account. It came with 1000 minutes, unlimted text and web, and I paid an extra $5.00 for Backberry email support.

Side Note: Sprint Blackberry emails came in once every 20 minutes or so. It was terrible. They blamed my email server for denying them access. T-Mobile, however, alerts me to new emails like 10 seconds after it is received by the server. Amazingly awesome.

I received a text message telliung me that I had $5.00 available in my flexpay account. This caused me confusion. I wanted to know what it was talking about, for professional reasons more than anything else, so I called in to ask about it. They explained what it was for, and that when I don't actually use it (as I won't), it will just disappear. This bothered me, as I paid an extra $5.00 to use this service, and I will never use it. Sure wish I had an option. Also wish it was explained before I got some random text message about it.

The lesson here, is be clear, and explain to your customers what they can expect. If you don't, you are just asking for more time, and trouble, in the future.

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