Sunday, July 25, 2010

Last PayPal Post

Last Post (I promise). They finally released the account,. so that I can acceess most of the money they have been holding hostage all month. The rest of it will be fully released in the next week or two. Stupid holding policy. Funny thing is, the holding is because the purchases were from eBay. My other paypal account still sells the exact same items, but there is no attachment to eBay. What a joke they are.

Did you know that the eBay CEO John Donahue has been dropping his stocks faster than Obama's Approval rating.

It's all messed up.

In future posts, there will be a lot more direct related postings, as I release the next version of the cell phone website, which will free up a ton of my time once it's all done. Then I can start inn on the marketing stuff, which should be really fun to watch sales increase.

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