Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Wachovia Rewards

I received mail about a new Wachovia Rewards program. Basically, sign up, then every $4 becomes a point. The points become gift cards. So, I dug around until I found the catch. It seems that there is a $12 year fee for joining. Unfortunately, based on my math, It's a loosing deal. Besides, like I care about a $25 gift card, when I also received 3 bounce letters in the mail, totaling $80 in fees? Please, I'm broke, not stupid.

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Power said...

Wow... i've officially read all your blog posts since 2007. Not that I don't have anything else better to do... actually I don't as this dead end job...

You're basically what I always thought of myself to be, but you can explain it better.

I definitely admire your desire. I've found only a select few are that eager to make their own business. Having run my website for 6 years and having my own retail shop, i can definitely relate to the happy times and the hardships, thus why i'm someone else's bitch right now.

have you seen http://www.myownbusiness.com ? its a pretty good free resource for new startups. I'm a veteran at the game, but its always good to brush up on the basics every now and then.

I enjoy reading your stuff. you have a lot of tricks that I can learn from and hope to make this info work for me.

Fight on!

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