Friday, April 11, 2008

My Life

I gotta tell you , I really like my new life. Sure, I have spent the day in front of my computer building my business, but it was from my own office, in my sweat pants, drinking beer, and popping Percasetts (a whole other story). A few weeks ago I interviewed a BookKeeper while I was in my slippers. I felt so decadent. Yesterday, I sold two Paddles and Balls (you know, connected by a rubber band) where it cost me a grand total of $9 to buy and ship it, and I pocketed a profit of $22.65. I just sold some "10 in 1 Game Set" for a profit of about $25.00.

The key here, I am not actually doing anything. An email comes in from Amazon, I forward it on to the warehouse, I keep the markup in between. They do the shipping. Additionally, I only have about 1000 items listed. I have thousands more where that came from, just waiting to be listed. I am trying to figure out why people work so hard.

If anything, this will be an amazing second income once it's all set up. My wife won't ever have to work again. I need to watch inventory levels every few days, but this is nothing terribly difficult.

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