Sunday, June 8, 2008

Bulk Listings

The good news is, I came up with a way to have my master Excel database merge with an HTML Template so i can bulk upload to eBay without any extra fees. The bad news is, I included code that is now off limits on ebay, so I have to fix them all either by hand one at a time, or pay about $8.00 in fees to re-list them all at once on my store. eBay blows. doesn't support bulk uploads. That was a waste of my $8.00 for the month. I really do need to cancel that account before I am charged again. does bulk uploads... by hand! It takes them several days to process my upload. Then, it fails and I have to do it again. The sample file and the help docs directly conflict information, and neither way worked. I emailed them a few days ago, but haven't heard back. I'm not too thrilled by these people either. has a bulk upload system that works great. The bad news is, I haven't made a sale in.. well, ever. gets a few visitors now an again from Google Base. I make like one sale a month. Boy, was that worth the effort. is pointing to eBay, but will soon being going to it's own store that I will host here. Yes, here. I have one machine that is a file server, email server, ebay image host, store server, bootleg software downloader, etc... if that machine ever dies, I am so screwed.

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