Sunday, June 22, 2008

Half Year Update

In November I started selling Apple iPods on eBay. In December my wife quit her day job to stay home with our son. I started importing generic MP3 players from China. In January, I was laid off and simply turned my part time business into full time.

The next few months were spent going in circles while I tried to find direction. I knew my end goal, but I did not know quite how to get there. eBay had a new CEO and turned evil, putting many big and small sellers like me out of business. Amazon was no better, and they have been holding over $2000 of my earnings hostage for 47 days, with 43 more to go. After chasing my tail, I came up with the idea that I could import Cell Phones, and sell them to local small stores in the Bridgeport and New Haven areas.

My wife had started a new job, cut herself, and was fired. A simple accident had turned into a corporate railroading. So, I filed a claim for Workman's Compensation and Unemployment. I don't know if we will get anywhere, but I do feel better knowing that the woman who started this is now in the hot seat by her own bosses for this mess. My wife did get a pleasant temporary job that will be ending at the end of July.

As you know I have my own businesses, where I sell Board Games, MP3 Players, and Cell Phones. If you wanted to see what I have been working on for the past few months, you can visit and The games I sell on eBay, but the Phones I sell locally to small stores, acting as a distributor. So far it has been going well. On Saturday I met with four owners, that own seven stores between them. They were as interested as my other customers are, so I hope this will be worth all the trouble. While this is a new thing for me, once I had the idea, and started putting the pieces together, I really felt this was a very good idea.

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