Saturday, July 19, 2008

China Imports

I tried a new company (for me) in China. I bought 2 phones, and they arrived on tme without a problem. A week or so later, I bought 5 phones. They also arrived without a problem. So, a week later, I place an order for 9 phones. While paying with Western Union, the woman advises me not to send the $1400.00 to them. I asked why, and she would not say. Only that she strongly suggested I do not send the money.

So I go looking on the internet for information about the company. I did not find any complaints, warnings or anything else. I emailed the company, and asked them to comment. I also said that I wanted to change the order to only 3 phones.

I called back Western Union, and pushed the issue. She finally told me that there have been 16 complaints of fraud this year.

I thought about things that could have caused 16 complaints. Of course, nothing is said about how many hundreds or thousands of orders that may have been completed without issue. Since the money was going to be held up by the bank for 3 business days, and I was still going to be charged by Western union, I decided to keep the order going and hope for the best.

From my point of view, the first 2 orders were correct. I even made a blatant error that I discovered 5 days later. They, however, knew what I had wanted, and simply did it. The service is also quick to respond to my emails. So, I really had to conclude that as a seller, things go bad with orders, and you can't make everyone happy.

They just responded to my email about everything. Know what it said? It said that my order was being packaged up, and will be shipping out tonight. She also gave me an invoice for my new order....... what new order?!? Sure as shit, she thought I was ordering 3 more phones. She had no clue what the hell I was talking about.

My point is this, communication between USA and China is difficult at best. When you stick to easy questions using keywords for their business, they can tell you what you want to know. Once you start talking about this or that, they have no clue.

Most likely, those 16 people had a communication breakdown. Instead of resolving it, they just went and complained. However, I am just guessing by what I have seen today.

Not all are good vendors in China though, and you need to check them out before hand. I had one that swore it was Genuine Apple products they were selling. A quick Google search revealed an army of pissed of customers that now had cheap Chinese crap. There really isn't anything wrong with it, if you know that is what you are buying. It's the deceiving that is the problem.

You can stop by for my recent entry about this communication problem. Anyway, thanks for reading.

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