Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Beyond Liquidation

My first idea was to buy and sell on ebay. Then I asked "If they can sell on EBay for so little money, where did THEY get it from?" and the answer was Then I asked another question: "If they can sell it for cheap on liquidation, where do THEY get it from?". The answer is Returns, Salvage, and China.

Salvage looks dangerous to me, I can't justify the financial risk. Returns have worked out well so far with iPods, but other products scare me because I can see myself stuck with 10 broken PSP's and no way to fix them. China, on the other hand, intrigued the hell out of me.

I've been able to sell these generic iPods fairly well. With a $40 mark-up, I can't complain. So, my biggest question seemed to be "How the hell do I buy directly from china?" followed by "How do I buy directly from china, and not get fucked?"

The answer is This website, is the Holy Grail. Direct from China, thousands of generic brand products, from hundreds of different companies.

You are lucky you found this website. One day, soon, I will collect all my thoughts, and sell this information. In a nice little package, complete with bonuses I've never even mentioned on here. The more I figure out, the more I want to charge. I don't know how much yet, but it will certainly be more than a $9.99 e-book on ebay. If someone is serious, all this information I share could easily change someones life. After all, my wife hasn't worked in over a month, and I haven't even noticed, financially.

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