Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Random Thoughts

I removed those garbage AdWords. As I figured, no one bothered to click but me, and I didn't get paid for any of them. Not that I had many visitors. It said I had several displays a day, but who knows if it counted GoogleBots or not. I didn't think it would work. Whatever.

Yahoo Ads brought in visitors at .15 cents a click, but I only got two orders this week, both had items out of stock. No fun at all, running an e-Store. I still think Getting on Amazon would help draw customers at an affordable price.

I found a website called www.ioffer.com that is an anti-ebay.You list items or have a whole store, no fees. I liked that. When you sold, they take about 5%, which is less than ebay. You can accept offers for your items, or accept only full price. It will suck in your ebay feedback and listed items making join the service quite easy. Last thing i liked was that you can setup with Google Base (Froogle) from their system. So, you suck in ebay, then expot to Froogle. Nice.

My 4th batch of IPods arrived tomorrow, so I will be busy with that for the next few days. I even hired someone on to help me prep them. As they need to be formatted, tested, cleaned and photographed, it becomes time consuming. My wife thinks I'm silly for paying someone to help. However, time is money, and the sooner I can get these listed on EBay, the sooner they will be sold, and the sooner I can buy more. With the help, i can get all 30 listed on EBay this weekend, and have them sold in no time.

Getting batch 5 delivered from china sure takes a while. I have no patience for all this waiting, when I dont have inventory to sell.

Hey, i don't have inventory to sell! Well, I have 8 Generic 1gb IPods left. They likely won't sell until I drive traffic in with the new batch of 30 30giggers.

I listed the 4gb Nanos on ebay as a Presale. Surprisingly, I sold one. I don't have them in stock, and I am charging more than anyone else. Yet, I can still sell them. Pretty amazing.

I had listed a chess set on ebay two weeks ago. in 10 days, only 27 people looked at it, and no one bought it. That was a waste, but I tried. Next idea please.

I started work on the lingerie store. Once again, inventory mess that needs to be reindexed in excel and properly linked to images. Been busy at work past two days, so no time to spend on this. With the ipods coming in, guess this will hit the back burner again.

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