Friday, January 18, 2008

Day Jobs Suck

Yesterday, I dragged myself into another crappy day of doing nothing at work. I was there for about 1/2 an hour when I was asked into the boss's office and handed a severance package. I'd like to say how upset I was about the whole thing, but oddly, I haven't felt too badly about it. I hated that fucking job, and the people who worked there. I would like to try an say something nice, but it's tough. I liked the two big bosses, and 2 or 3 employees, but mostly my life was like grinding teeth all day long.

Sorry, but I have to say this: On the off chance that someone from my old company is going through my stuff, Fuck you Mat. Take your pompus arrogant attitude and shove it up your ass. You are NOT god's gift to everything. You only LOOKED like you knew everything, because you never told anyone SHIT once you found out about it. I did NOT need to come into work and get verbally abused because I wasn't a fucking mind reader. I am a strong, independent, well educated person. You did you best to put me down, and get me under your control. I know it must have pissed you off to no end, when I would never let you belittle me, or let your snide comments get to me. I used to have another boss just like you. I let him destroy my ego and make me think I was worthless. I vowed never again to be controlled like that. If you weren't there, I could have done your job. I never needed you. At some point, I just gave up caring. Maybe that pissed you off most of all. I don't know. And I genuinely don't care. If you had the balls to be there when I was fired, I would have told you this stuff to your face.

Sorry about that. I needed to vent. And it just goes back to my point about how I would rather work for myself. I don't like the idea of someone else being in control of my life. Which is why next time, I will take a 30 year fixed rate mortgage. At the time, I just wanted the lowest rate, but now I have to justify myself and my income to someone else behind a desk. I am quite happy to not want any credit cards. Credit is over rated.

Anyway, over the past few months I had listened to those self-help start your own business type of audio seminars (free for download, where all bootleg stuff is found). And one of the best lessons I had learned was "If you have one source of income, and one stops, you have no income. If you have ten sources of income, and you loose one, you still have nine ways of getting paid." So, to that end, I spent quite a bit of my time building on those ten sources of income, waiting on the day I would get booted out the door, which was only a matter of time.

I have a house that I rent out to tenants, I make about $550/mo profit. I also have my iPod business which is doing quite well. I think I am averaging about $900/mo. However, that is limited by funds available to purchase merchandise. I need to find more funding. So, If anyone wants to invest, shoot me an email. I also have this Game Store and e-store thing I've been trying to work on, but I just haven't had the proper amount of time. Guess I have the time now, huh? There is also the unemployment check as well.

So, I have several sources of income that bring money in daily. I feel much better about that. I had also put extra money into savings every week, just waiting for the day I would need it. It's only a matter of time, it always is.

My wife asked me if I was going to sell iPods full time now. I said I still needed a day job.... for now. I haven't built up the passive revenue yet. I've been trying, but it's only been 3 months that I have been serious about all this.

However, I asked the obvious question (to us anyway) "Now that neither of us have a job, should we rent this house out to tenants as well, and finally move far away from here?" Last night we talked about where we wanted to live, and how feasible it was to do it. Other than the fear of it, there isn't any reason we can't. After all, all my sources of income will come with me, no matter where I live. And that's a beauty I have been working hard to achieve.

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