Wednesday, May 7, 2008

To anyone who Cares

I had sent the following email, of sorts, to Amazon after I was kicked off for being the worst seller EVER! Of course, all I got back was a canned response about how I will never be allowed back on, even if I try to sneak in. It's just wrong. Seriously.

To Amazon:
I was really hoping that Amazon would care more for the sellers than eBay. I guess not. I say this because all you did was look at some blanket numbers, and not a situation. I am an excellent seller. You could easily see that my Positive Feedback isn't just 5 stars each, it is people actually thanking me for the good solid customer service I provide. If this email is not read, and my case is not reviewed by someone who is willing to look at my sales as a whole, then your entire system is flawed, and you are doing your sellers, and customers, an injustice.

I just logged in and saw two more people left bad feedback without contacting me first! While I can clearly see why you needed to do something, this just shows several flaws with the system.

1) Being permanently banned without ever having a chance to rectify the situation with my customer. As I am selling the same exact item as other vendors, it was just luck of the draw I got sellers who did not like the product.

2) I was selling almost two thousand different items. All I had to do was stop selling the items in question. Ban the item, not the seller.

3) My competition has over 1000 feedback. He can afford bad feedback all day long. I have no idea why I could only get 10% of my customers to rate me. I tried with every sale.

4) To add insult to injury, today was my payday, and you are holding all my money. This, of course, means I can't pay any of my bills. But hey, you know, whatever.

Yeah, I know. I'm just wasting my time. Your policies are law, and no one is going to help me. I don't know why I ever thought I could do this as a full time job. This was worse than a day job. One day i wake up, and three people I've never spoken to before just say whatever they want, and I'm out of business.


Hello from

Thank you for writing. We have considered your request for
reinstatement. Upon careful consideration, we have decided your
account will remain blocked.

While we appreciate your interest, please understand that the
closure of an account is a permanent action. Any subsequent accounts
that are opened will be closed as well. Thank you for your
understanding with our decision.

Best regards,

Seller Performance Team

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