Sunday, July 6, 2008

Online Sales

eBay has ruined any real business that used to be there. I'm afraid of listing items, and actually drawing attention to myself. Not to mention the fees. I can list 10 items, sell only 1, and break even. So how is that worth it? With the new rating system, some day I am "Lowered" and the next I am "Raised". There does not seem to be any sense of order with that thing.

I still haven't been paid by Amazon for over 2 months. They better pay up in the next few weeks. I have bills long since behind.

For my own local customers, I setup as an easy checkout system. It also helps me on the phone taking orders, I can quickly enter the order in, and it gives the price with discounts and stuff. The funny thing is, it gets sent to Google Base, and that has been sending traffic to it. So I get people looking at my stuff, and I wasn't even trying. No actual online sales yet, but if anyone does come through, and place an order, I will be ready.

All in all, it's a part time thing that now makes me money without any real effort. This is more of what I planned on doing 6 months ago.

Now I am going to start looking into other products like pets or kids or something else that should bring in more revenue.

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Media said...

how did you get to open a second amazon account . does the name on the bank account has to match the name on

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