Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What I Am Doing Now

Funny thing, how one week everything looks like doom and gloom, the next week it's all sunshine. Last week, I was thousands in the hole, unemployment running out, no job prospects, CountryWide ARM had expired, and I was is dire straights. On Friday, my website brought in a $3500.00 order. CountryWide called and said they would modify my loan into a fixed rate. I had several more sales over the weekend. Sunday night at 10pm I was juggling 3 different customers. On Monday morning I was offered a full time that I actually (god help me) turned down. Monday afternoon I went to pick up money from a sale. Got a letter (just a notice, nothing important) from the Courthouse about the tenant I am suing. Made a few sales since then, and tomorrow I am going off to my Part Time Photography job I was lucky to get last month.

Whew. Crazy.

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