Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Big Client

I landed a huge order witha new client today. It's one of those dream orders. It is a big computer sales company, who's customers involve government contracts. They needed a bunch of phones, and the guy calls one company and while they could do the job, the salesman wasn't so great. Then he calls me (number at the top of the website) and by the end of the call, I had him sold. After I confirm that everything he needed was possible, in the time frame he needed, he proceeds to pay for a $12,000 order of 50 phones. My profit on that was..... well.... a lot.

It's funny how things go sometimes. After I did a complete breakdown of how long I epected the whole order to take me to take from beginning to end, then added in my profit per phone, so that I had a number I was happy with. Then, thinking about how you should always aim high.... I doubled the profit margin, added some extra just for the hell of it, and sent the proposal. He accepted it without even much looking at it. He just marked it up again and sent it to his customer, who OK'ed it within 10 minutes. I was floored. See? Always ask for more than you expect, you just may get it.

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