Thursday, September 10, 2009

Local Listings

It appears that when you register your company with these free local listing sites like, etc... some add you without further contact. Some want email verification. All that is fine, but then you get the ones that call to "verify" but all they look to do is upsell you on advertising. Then if you say no, of course, want to know why you don't want your business to succeed?

I had listed 2 of my companies where I am looking to get local customers, so these yahoo's (another company that just called, by the way) think that it's OK to call me up and bother me.

In my experience, paid advertising does NOT work. I mean, it will make sales and all, and drive traffic, but if I gotta pay them now too, where is MY profit? I'm better off with free, then get what I can get. It's like, why pay eBay all those dumb assed fees? They are making money, not me.

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