Monday, September 21, 2009

Google Sucks Now Too

Google has gotten into the game of shutting down my abilities to make money. Earlier, I had posted about how multiple websites for the same items is bad. Well, that put me in their cross-hairs and they took notice of little ol' me. I was shut off Google Base for several days. After making a stink about find out WHY I was blacklisted, it turns out that I sell iphone copies. Blah, blah, blah... what-EVER. I think I sell like 2 a year off the site. Get over it people. It's not that big of a deal.

I swear, I would have less hassle if I sold drugs on the corner. The phones work as advertised. At no point do I say APPLE, so what's the problem? Ebay used to get on my ass about it. So I removed them. Then it was watch phones. So I removed them. Then it was Sony, so I removed them all and closed my ebay store. And I am quite happier without their fees... fuck you very much.

Oh, yeah... so what did I do about this google garbage? Shit, that was easy. I just opened a new free account. Problem solved. I had thought about complaining some more, but I figured that would only cause more trouble.

In fact, I am thinking that soon I will need to open a new website to compete with my exisiting one. This way, if one has this crap again, the other will still bring in money.

It appears that Google Base was good for about 60-80 clicks, and 1-3 sales per day. Given that is free, the odds are not too bad.

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