Tuesday, September 1, 2009

eCrater Sucks

They do not accept HTML, which makes the 600+ detailed descriptions for my items useless. I decide to go with Title and Description being the same text, thinking that any listing is better than no listing. After waiting several days to have my listings approved, they were denied. After sending an email asking for help, and specifying that they were making the wrong decision based on my images, they simply sent me a canned response that did not help, or even answer the question. So I sent them this:

Thank you for not fully reading my question, answering with a canned response, and not helping in any way. I can see that the rumors are true about the poor service on eCrater. I do not sell on ebay either because of their poor seller policies as well. I will simply take my business elsewhere.

iOffer.com accepted my listings WITH the HTML code, and no complaints.

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