Friday, April 16, 2010


I am going to be expanding to business clients, so the higher priced phones will definitely be updated and added, just to have them listed. I think, though, I will have the website itself have them listed as a "call us to purchase" type of option.

Also, as an FYI, a future plan will be to lease out this database of phones and images, so that I can make some money back on it. You see how much trouble it was to create? Anyone would be crazy to bother doing it themselves,

After I recently updated the server, my website has been completely broken. I needed to hire a programmer to fix the worst of it. I am hiring another programmer to fix the next wave of problems, like the SSL security will not work with Virtual Hosting anymore. And today I hope to get through the last of the visual updates... the website has looked partly beige like always, and now partly like the new blue waves and steel. Has not looked right at all.

I am going through a major growth spurt for all my businesses. The phones are about to reach a business customer base with newspaper based advertising. I fixed 4 computers last week. I have been picking up retouching work from eLance, and I am also going to start getting more local recognition from photographers I think too. Maybe I should send out postcards to local photographers?
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