Thursday, April 8, 2010


I needed another telephone line, so I signed up with Vonage which currently has a $14.99 special going on. While the price is right, and customer service3 picked right up, I was needed to speak with 3 people, who did not resolver either of my issues within the first 10 minutes of becomeing a customer.

Issue #1: I noticed I also have to pay an extra $2.00 per month for 911 service. Despite the fact that I said I do not want it, and do not need it, they said it was government, and could not be waved. I said it was just an extra fax line with no phone attached. Didn;t matter, still cost extra $24/yr for no reason.

Issue #2: I realized that they billed my credit card right away, and will bill my credit card again in 4 weeks, however I can't do anything with the service, since they will not ship the Phone Adapter for 2-3 more days, plus the weekend, plus shipping time. Basically, I am paying for a week to a week and a half for services that are not being rendered. I was told, too bad, I should have read the fine print on page 5, where they pointed that out.

Nice. So, I told her I would post about it on my blog, and to have a nice day.

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