Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I posed on CraigsList for a blog/advertising/copywriter. I said the following:

I am in need of someone, preferably in the New Haven area, that is willing to come to my office and write articles, product descriptions and advertisements about Cell Phones. After you have become familiar with the products and style, you would no longer need to come to my office. This is less about being technical writing, more about creative writing about a technical product. If you have an interest, send some short samples with hourly desired wage. The days and times are semi flexible, but I prefer evenings for a few hours each, starting at 8pm. This would be regular, ongoing work.

10 people replied so far, and NOT ONE could follow my direction. I was so appauled at the garbage I was being sent, I started emailing them back pointing out why their email sucked. I'm sorry, but I expected SO much more from writers. The designers followed direction better than the writers did. Even the person that said they followed details didn';t do what i asked. Amazing.

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