Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What a mess

It is incredibly difficult to run a business when you have no money. It seems that all the friggin' time, my personal money is used to buy phones, and money from phones is used to pay all my bills. It gets terribly confusing, and I am not in the situation yet that allows me to separate my business from my personal finances. I all just seems to come rushing in at me in waves. I know I am making plenty of money, but it is so hard to keep track of.

For example, I had a small profit pile of $120. But, I need some ofice supplies and whatnot. So, I take the money to Staples and buy $100 worth of stuff. This puts $20 in my pocket, $100 to staples, and I wait on $33 in rebates. My wife then runs over a screw, blows the tire, and copntinues to drive not noticing she is ruining the tire. So the $20 of profits, and $113 of business money, is now used to buy her a new tire. Now, my next wave of profits, needs to be used to pay for her tire until she has the money to pay me, and the business back.

Are you confused yet? I sure am....

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