Friday, October 23, 2009


I went on their website and found a free webinar I could sign up for, to get a personalized walk through. Thinking that they actually cared, I signed up. Instead, I got some bullshit email from a $7.50/hr salesman. I need to reply. With all this hard work I have been doing to learn about marketing and getting customers, I had no choice. The following is my reply:

I am still waiting for that "Free Webinar" that I signed up for several days ago. You know, the one that would have helped me decide if your product was right for my business. But, yeah, generic SPAM that says "Buy My Product" works just as well too. I especially like that part that says "Dear John," then nothing else. Again, compelling, and competent. I can't wait to buy now....

I never did hear back from him.

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