Friday, January 22, 2010

Dear Comcast...

Let's talk.

A few days ago, I said Comcast sucks because of multiple poor experiences. I followed up with more problems they have with general customer service. See the comment someone at comcast wrote after my last post.

It appears, that they have a special department to go in, and for lack of a better word, apologize. Sorry, but that seems kinda pointless to me. They should take the money spent on consumer retention, and spend it on fixing the reasons people left in the first place.

Many of the reasons I would leave are:
1. Poor phone support
2. Poor signal
3. Technicians who shrug at why I get a pixelated screen
4. High prices because the ONE (and only) channel I need, Nick Jr., is 3 tiers up.
5. If I drop the cable, the cost internet either goes up, or gets slower.
5. Instead of making the internet faster for $40/mo make it slower for $20/mo

The many reasons I stay are:
1. The big trees block out satellites
2. No other cable companies

So much for competition, eh?

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