Friday, January 8, 2010

What is taking so long?

I found that 3 things were really getting in my way of making all my ideas for busines growth happen.

1. Constant phone calls from salesmen, new customers, old customers, and people who can't actually read a freaking craigslist ad.

SOLUTION: I had hired a receptionist about 2 months ago.Amazing. Best money I spend all month. Now I only call back who I want to call back. She has also been trained on how to weed out the people who can't read, and not bother me with those.

2. Billing, tracking, accounting.

SOLUTION: Creating a do-it-all database in MS Access 2010. Also, promoting the receptionist to data entry. This will happen within the month.

3. Being a Daddy.

SOLUTION: I've come up with several solutions to this problem, but most end with jail time. I'm still working on this one....

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