Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Social Media

I was watching a video about how Social Media (twitter, facebook, blogs) have taken over the internet. I have also heard from another parent, how they bought a phone for their teenager, and she is never talking on the phone, but always text messaging. It appears that I have reached a point in my life, that has always worried me. When I was younger I listened to new music, kept up to date with movies, pop culture, and all things computer related. I was always at the cutting edge of the digital age. From a 300 baud modem on local DDials and Bulliten Board Systems through the internet, coding web pages, running my own servers etc, etc...

This whole Social Media scares me. I know nothing about it. I mean, I know what it is. I get the concept. I just... don't get it. Is it because I am too old? I am Generation X. This whole Generation Y ... hell, they even have Generation Z now. My 2 year old has a computer and ipod. He even gets "Yo Gabba Gabba" On Demand. He can even get Porn On Demand once he can learn to read.

I opened a Facebook and Twitter account. No intent on using them yet, but I was told I need to claim my brand name before someone else does. Makes sense. I guess we need to go out and piss on every virtual tree we can find, just to mark our territory. How silly, really.

So, I had opened the Twitter account, made a test "Tweet" and considered that project done for now. But then, a few days later I logged on for one reason or another, and saw that I had a follow. Yup, my very first follower.... WHY?!?!? Who cares about me and my pointless account? Hell, how did they even find me? I have no desire to follow them. (You can follow me at but I don't think I am really that interesting)

I have enough noise in my life without adding extra Digital Noise into the mix. Don't these kids have anything better to do than tweet about whats for breakfast? Then again, am i just not getting it? Or, is it that I got it all 20 years ago, and I just don't care to do it all again (refer back to the ddial and bulliten board mentioned above). Same as with Comic Books and video games. Been there, done that 25 years ago. In fact, I came across a Top 10 list of most anticipated games of 2010. Would you believe that 8 of them were sequels to games that came out like 2-3 years ago? Just like movies, I really don't care, I just saw that.

I think i digressed about 5 paragraphs ago. Sorry about that. I just started writing, and figured I would vent, then throw it up on my blog. Thus doing the exact opposite of what this whole topic is about. Ah well. Whatever.

P.S. I had Clusters Cereal and Nestle's Hot Chocolate for breakfast. I'm sure you would care... if you were age 12-24.
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