Monday, December 31, 2007

Game Store

This game store is proving to be a thorn in my side.

I setup Yahoo Ads to be limited to $10 per day, and .11 cents per click.

The problem seems to go back to these damn vendors I need to deal with. My first day of the new ad, I get an order for $155. Sounds good right? I was pretty excited. Then after about 15 minutes of digging around, I find out that two of his products are discontinued. Another product came from a second vendor which would be additional shipping and additional drop ship fee. The fourth product was actually without issue. Since he ordered over $100, I could not charge him shipping, because I am competing with other companies that offer the free shipping also.

Long story short, I waste 1/2 hour gathering information, make about $17 on the sale (then minus the yahoo costs), and in the end, he just canceled the order anyway, and I don't blame him.

I keep telling myself Christmas was a shitty time to try and start this, and also that starting any business will have it's difficulties.

The other issue is that I am breaking a drop ship rule. The rule is to only sell products from one distributor. this way there is only shipping and fees from one company. Since I have some 5 companies listed so far, my profit is tough if they order from too many places. That's my call though, because I am trying to have more available than my competition. For example, I seem to be the only one who sells a product from a particular vendor, and that gives me a leg up on everyone else.

I think I also started with the hardest one, the games. the next one I will do is Women's Lingerie, in hopes for sales during Valentines. Tis would be easier because it's less products (By far) and only one distributor. Nice stuff too, cross between Victorias and Fredricks. Nice, but slutty.

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