Thursday, December 6, 2007

IPod Christmas Sales

Wow... I tore through my IPod inventory in 5 days. I literally could not list them faster than I was selling them. What a wonderful problem to have! I seem to currently have 6 good ones to sell off tomorrow, all for profit, between $90-$120 each. This tail end is where I can finally make my money. I also have 2 more I need to fix using a Macintosh (some problems seem to fix better on a Mac) and I have 9 busted ones that need actual attention from me. While I could EBay them off as broken for $30 each, I would rather take a few minutes and swap out the parts and fix them. Like, I can use one to swap the LCD, another a Battery, etc... it's pretty easy, if your so inclined, like I am.

I Won't have time though, because I took all the money I plan on making, and I ordered 40 more Ipods as well as 30 Brand New Generic IPod Rip-Offs. These other ones sell for less, but they cost me so little, the mark-up is awesome. In this case, I got them for about $23.00 each with an expected sale of $60-$80 each. Yeah, seriously, do the math. Since I make a few more bucks off shipping to cover costs, it's like $50.00 each times 30 means a profit of about $1500. Thats more money than I'll make from monkeying around with the scratched up IPods. That revelation came to me AFTER I spent another $2000 on the next batch. Oh well, whatever, They will sell, no problem.

My wife thinks this is because it's christmas, that's why I can sell them so fast for so much. Maybe she is right. That's why I picked up 2 more batches I can get out the door before christmas rush is over. Personally, I think when they don't get what they actually wanted, they will just go out afterwards and buy more IPods, giving me anoither month of great sales. But, if I can keep this going, that would be amazing.

Just as a followup, while I am here, I am also working on the Board Game Website. Really tough work since these dumb assed distro places don't have any usable databases. This means I have to go through every item myself. This lag means I will likely miss any real christmas sales since a bulk of my time is spent keeping up on the IPods.

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