Saturday, December 8, 2007

More Tickets

Since the TSO concert tickets did pretty well for me, I decided to up the ante a bit and I picked up 4 Van Halen tickets. They cost $210 each and I currently have them listed on StubHub for $370 each. This price puts me just below the bulk of the pack. There are always low ballers that resell the tickets at just above cost, which I think is just a waste of time. Since I spent an hour of my time to buy and list the tickets, then put up $850 that will sit for weeks into months before I sell them all, I simply need to make more than $25 per ticket. I was hoping for a much faster sell out since this area is small, but sadly good seats are still available. Oh well, I suppose they will be sold out soon enough.

I still get emails about those TSO tickets (the show is tomorrow) and I have been sold out for weeks. I just checked StubHub and all the tickets on there were sold out now too. So either they got tickets by now,or they simply are not going.

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