Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I Like Cheating

I have posted a bunch of GPS, camera and printers on Amazon, but I can't seem to compete with these guys. There is like $5 profit margin and not even worth it. If it wasn;t free to have them listed, I would have just pulled them down by now.

However, I have a secret little trick up my sleeve. With all this Wholesaling I was getting into I came across a toy company. What makes this company so special to me is that they are about 15 minutes away from my house! While they are a regular Drop Ship company, I can just swing by and pick up whatever I need off the shelf.

This means that all the sellers on Amazon (not even many of them, either) have to include that $5 drop ship price on top of the profit and shipping. Me? I logged on and low-balled everybody. I didn't even compare prices, just knocked a buck or two off the lowest seller. It was glorious. No one can even touch my prices, and most haven't even tried.

While I need to build some momentum, I expect that worst case, this will be awesome starting on Black Friday.

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