Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Lazy Americans

When we started this country, settlers were crazy, and ambitious. They didn't like the tax, so they got up off their collective asses and threw tea in the harbor and rebelled against England.

During the Vietnam war, people young and old got up off their lazy asses and protested against the war. They didn't fix the problem, but they at least tried.

Ebay, Paypal, Bank fees, Credit Card fees, high interest rates, mortgages, house taxes, income taxes, cigarette taxes, Sprint, Microsoft, gasoline ... the list goes FUCKING ON! Why doesn't ANYBODY do ANYTHING anymore to stop this insanity?!?!?!? Are we all just sheep programed to do what we are told? Is there something in the water we ACTUALLY FUCKING PAY FOR?

Me? Naw, I'm not going to fight the system anymore. I'm too old and too tired. I'm just a voice in the crowd. We need some of those young kids to make a change.

Ebay wants $450 from me in services NOT rendered.
Paypal Stole $450 from me because I was "High Risk"
Fucking Assholes.

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KnoxvilleComputers.net said...

Ya, I know what it's like I pay about $1500-$3000 to ebay/paypal every month. What do they really do to deserve that kind of money?
Besides offer shitty service/cust. support with canned responses.

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