Saturday, August 15, 2009


Whenever I don't post on here for awhile, feeling like nobody actually reads this stuff, someone always comes along telling me how much they enjoy it. So, thanks for the completely unexpected phone call Tarik. I officially have my own stalker now.

Ah, I'm just fucking with ya.

Tarik called me looking for ideas on how to make money. I thought I offered him an idea that would make him several thousands, but he missed the road signs in big neon letters. You see, he thought I was offering a way to make $20 a clip from the trunk of his car. He missed the making hundreds and thousands part by getting OTHER people to sell at $30 a clip from the trunk of THEIR car.

Now, sure, I could be more specific right now, but that's just not as fun. So, why don't you think about it for a little while, and get back to me. And for crying out loud, stop thinking INSIDE the box.

PS - While I'm not referring to porn, I'm telling ya, porn is totally the way to go! Cell phones and porn.....

1 comment:

Modern Pharaoh said...

lol, i just got a little confused, i didn't wanna keep you on the phone for too long, so didn't wanna ask you too much details about the idea... but since you dont seem to mind the call, i'll be calling you again very soon! i've been online all day brain storming & thinking!!!


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