Saturday, August 15, 2009

Top of the Google Search

On Saturday, I released the first of my new keyword's and marketing. By Wednesday I was in the top 10 (If not top 5) of Google Base's (Froogle) search engine for ALL 600+ of my items! This also means that many of my items are in the top 5 of regular Google as well. My website traffic is higher than it has ever been. Like, a single day now would have taken me several weeks before. Sweet.

Of course, it has also turned into sales. Nothing staggering, but of course, I am about to hit week 2, so i will take anything I can get. Oh another thing that seemed to have surprised me, is that if you search for my company name a week ago in Google, you would never have found me. Even though I own I was no where to be found. Today, search for Portable Fun and I jumped to #1 and #2 out of 48 Million other pages. Not bad for 1 week.

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