Sunday, August 16, 2009 is Back!

I am sure most of you have no clue what is. This was my first blog from many years ago. Well, something happened last year, and the software running things was damaged. While the data was left intact, I just never had the time to fix it.

#7 on this weekend's To-Do list was to finally fix it. Well, shit, what is it?

WAY back in the day, I worked with a complete moron of an employee. Every day when I thought should could not possibly come up with anything stupider to say or do... she did. While sitting around making fun of her, we came up with PEBCAK404 which means Problem Exists Between Keyboard and Chair - Error Page 404. So, I started the website originally posting all the stupid stuff she ever said. Over the years, it just migrated into all the stupid things I came across in my day to day life.

I have been saving up dumb things over the past year, so I have new content to post, however I will wait a little while, letting you go back and enjoy the stupidity that was my life.


1 comment:

Kyle said...

ya i've read a lot of articles on there last year. Might be funny to read them again.

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