Thursday, November 15, 2007

Banks and Companies Suck

I can't begin to tell you how much I hate banks and large companies. In this case, that I painfully signed up with a few months back. It was a hassle to start the account, maintain the account, and now access my money when I needed it. They wouldn't Wire Funds to another bank (wasting days before telling me). They would transfer money back to my original checking account, but it takes like a full business week. to do this. It's slow as dirt! So, I need to make a payment for this Ipod order, so I paid from my private funds, but I have bills that are due tomorrow, and this transfer was still slugging along. So, I had to log onto FNBO website and figure out how to activate this ATM card they gave me (thankfully I called up to request it!), then went to the bank and withdrew the max they would allow me to so I could put it back into my checking and pay who needed to be paid. this made me late for work, having to deal with this added time waster.

So, I loose any interest this month that I would have otherwise made because the $2000 transfer is no longer collecting interest, the ATM $1000 is no longer collecting interest, the Fees from the ATM transfer (both banks), then the time it is going to take to transfer this $1000 back to the savings account when the $2000 arrives. Lastly, I lost 1/2 hour pay from work because it took me so long to deal with this mess. At least i won't get any added late fees from bills that i couldn't pay, or from the liquidators who threated a $300 fee for being more than 2 days with payment.

At least, in the future, I will know how to properly deal with this slow bank, what not to expect from them, and how much cash I need to easily access to run my business.

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