Friday, November 2, 2007


I think the Ebay idea was correct, but the execution sucked. The fact that some other guy flooded the marketplace with my product really pissed me of too. But this got me thinking, where did HE come up with all of them. The answer is likely in Wholesaling and Dropshipping. This would allow me to advertise hundreds of products, but not actually pay for any of them until after I was already paid, and the order placed. I list on Ebay, and when the order is placed, I give the shipping address to the warehouse and they ship directly to my customer. I profit the difference. I've spent the day researching this topic and I came up with a valid list of wholesale warehouses willing to do business like this. Since I already had an online storefront years ago, I already have a working knowledge of how to setup a store that accepts credit cards for free. All I need to do is populate it with products, then drive traffic there via ebay, amazon, overstock, froogle, and others like that. I am a really big fan of runing a business that doesn't involve me doing much of anything, even receiving the funds into my bank is automatic. If I use Andale, I can honestly set it, and forget it.

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