Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Ipods Arrived

So, I bought 40 Ipod Nano 4GB 1st Gen. It cost $2140.00 and it was expect to have 22 Good and 18 Bad. If this was true, I calculated a profit of about $350. I've had a chance to go through about 1/2 the box and so far I have found 4 bad and 20 good. This is amazing because unless the other 16 are broken in half, I am going to make a nice profit on this. I estimate if I have 8 bad ones and 32 good ones, I'll profit about $850 which is 40% return on my money. Nice. Really Nice. I expect to start listing them on Ebay later today or tomorrow.

As I had expected, the reason most of them were returned (to Best Buy) was because the consumers were idiots. Many had a Folder with Exclamation when you turned it on. All they needed was to be reformatted and updated. I could see why they were returned, but come on people. Do a little research, huh? oh well, my profit. Three had bad LCD's, so those would be lost causes, but I have another that won't boot up. So if I can't get that one going, I'll just open them up and swap parts. Otherwise I'll ebay the broken ones as parts and get about $30 each.

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