Friday, November 9, 2007

Liquidation Bid

I have been been trying to get into a nice score with It has proven to be difficult since I can't for the life of me figure out how these people plan to sell this stuff at a profit since they bid so high for the merchandise. The big thing for me, is that the listing don't really mention the true condition of the stuff. Does it come with boxes and manuals, or is just thrown in a box and left for dead? Seems to be a bit both, but I am bidding while I assume the stuff is broken, and they are assuming it's in full working order. Well, hey, they are the ones who may lose a ton on broken stuff.

I wanted to make sure that my bids were fast and accurate so I made an Excel spreadsheet that would allow me to quickly enter in key elements of the sale, and then have it spit back all kinds of useful information, like what my top bid should be. So far, my bids have been well under what it sold for.

Today I got lucky (maybe) and I won an auction for 40 4GB Ipod Nanos at $2,000.00. Yes, the price seems steep, but the payoff should generate several hundred for me in the next two weeks. On Ebay they sell like hotcakes at $80.00+ each and I picked them up for about $50.00 each. So, even with the ebay fees and what not, I should walk away with a little smile on my face. I'll let you know.

1 comment:

honesty said...

How do we even know if the workers at aren't the ones who are bidding up these broken item so high, I really dont thing real people are buying a broken tv for the same price you can get it for on ebay.I thing they need to be investicate for Shill bidding

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